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Supporting the Electrification Journey to Net Zero Emissions

Systems Engineering

Systems engineering is the key to project success. With our guidance, high level customer requirements are generated ensuring the full project scope is understood and well defined. It is crucial to ensure all possible use cases and scenarios are considered, including misuse and abuse, to create a robust and reliable system.

Using these requirements, the system architecture is created and subsystem requirements and interactions are detailed. Using simulation tools the proposed systems are tested and optimised virtually for compliance with customer requirements and efficiency.


Software Development

Software development for automotive electronic control units covering powertrain, battery, CCS DC charging, body and infotainment systems. Model based software development process allows simulation, testing and validation before hardware or vehicles are available reducing development time.

Over The Air software update and UN ECE R155 (UN Cyber Security Regulation) capable systems available. 


Electronics Development

Design and development of automotive electronic control systems. Designs are optimised for production from the initial prototyping stages to provide a faster route to market. By taking a modular approach, impacts of component supply shortages can be greatly reduced. Our extensive electronics test lab enables thorough validation before certification reducing development time and cost. Test facilities include electrical, RF and environmental testing.

Electronic Circuit

Telematics & Cloud Data Systems

Secure remote vehicle data acquisition, monitoring and analysis for commercial fleet operators and OEM development fleets. Using sophisticated edge data processing techniques, cellular data rates can be reduced lowering service costs while improving web dashboard performance without impacting data quality. 


Component & System Testing

Component and system testing and validation for performance, optimisation and durability. Test cells available for powertrain testing from 250W to 450kW and up to 2800Nm. In house design and manufacturing capability with extensive component stocks for fast and cost effective test rig construction for mechanical testing.

electric system of eco car engine Automotive part concept.jpg

Group Services

Closeup view of a central processing unit or CPU on electronic board. CPU is electronic ci
Racing Cars

HyperTec Manufacturing

Prototype and Production Parts Manufacture

HyperTec Electronics

Prototype & Production Electronics Manufacture

HyperTec Racing

Proving Ground Test Support, ECU Calibration & Data Acquisition, Engine Dynamometer Testing

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